Terrific Tuesday

Getting out of bed this morning was a struggle, but I managed to get up, pump some breast milk, shower and get dressed before the baby woke up.  I am an assistant volleyball coach, so during the summer the girls come for volleyball workouts and conditioning/weights.  I usually feed MNM before we go and then she sleeps the entire time we are there usually which is very nice.

Today I had the girls do a HIIT workout and for some crazy reason I decided to do it with them.  Now normally this workout would be a piece of cake for me, but 9 months of being pregnant and 2 months with baby so far has made me one lazy momma.  I am in the process of getting myself back and so today I though “What they heck, why not?”.  This was very tiring for me but I got through it and I had an amazing burst of energy for a good 3 hours afterward.

Ladder HIIT workout :

60 seconds flutter kicks with a squat

60 seconds high knees

60 seconds burpees

60 seconds jumping jacks

1 min break

Continue with the same exercises for 50 seconds each, and then 40, 30, 20, 10 with a minute break in between.  I am always dripping sweat when I get done and it is so quick and easy to do at home or anywhere since you don’t need any equipment.

Now I am going to contemplate whether or not I should go on a run later (I need to practice before my 100 miles in July!)




Baby, Graduation, I’m back.

In the time that I’ve been gone I have had a baby, graduated college, and gotten a teaching job.  Things got very busy and I lost track of my goals and such.  I am now in the process of getting myself back in all aspects.  Also, I am learning how to be a mommy in the process and it seems to be slowing everything down.

My MNM is 2 months old now and I am feeling much more motivated to get my body back, so here is to a new start.


Worn out…

It’s Thursday. We started softball back up yesterday with two a days till next Wednesday. With two practices and work outs I am pretty tired. I am excited for My rest day this week (Sunday) although I still have practice that day.

Today’s workout:

Ran 1 mile
Biked 3 miles
Leg Press 2×10
Tricep dips 2×15
Tricep extension 2×15
DB bench press 3×10,8,6
Plank with weighted row 2×16
Wall balls 2×15
Runners abs
Toe touches
Wall touch sit ups

I am excited for Sunday because I am starting meal prepping for the first time! I am excited about the time it will save at lunch and dinner everyday, and also that I can just grab it and go and still eat healthy.


What I ate Wednesday… And Workout Wednesday…

Morning Snack:

2 Pieces of turkey bacon


Oatmeal with a diced apple, tsp of brown sugar and some cinnamon



Albacore tuna kit
Asian medley veggies with buffalo sauce
Dill pickles

Afternoon snack:

5 ritz crackers
Protein plus bar


Blackened Tilapia
Sweet Potato


Nighttime snack:

4 inch ham and cheese Goodcents sandwich (left over in the fridge)

AM Workout:

2 mile run from campus to home


PM Workout:

Sprint Ladder to 5 and back down
4 Lightning Bolts (sprint to half court, back pedal back to free throw line, sprint to opposite free throw line, back pedal to half court, sprint to far baseline, back pedal to free throw line, sprint to baseline and then sprint to the starting baseline)
5 length down and backs with line jumps, wall touches, push ups and burpees in between

Softball- throwing and ground balls

Tuesdays eats and 2nd workout…

In my post yesterday I posted my morning workout which was a run and a HIIT ladder.

My afternoon workout:

Weights (skull crushers, back squat, push ups, wall sits, lateral flys, plank with alternating leg lifts, bicep curls, shoulder press, alternating weighted lunges, 200 abs)

Sprint ladder (after each sprint, jog back, this is done long ways in a gym)
1, 3, 5, 7, 7, 5, 3, 1
And then I ate a lot ! But I also burnt a lot of calories!


1 scrambled egg
2 pieces of turkey bacon


Morning Snack:




Southwest Shrimp
Asian Medley vegetables


Afternoon Snack:

Kashi Bar
4 inches of a Goodcents turkey sandwich

Pre Workout Snack:

The other half of that sandwich
2 pieces of turkey bacon

Dinner #1:

Roasted Red Potatoes and Green Beans


Dinner #2:

3 egg omelette with cheese and buffalo sauce